When you arrive for your session, you will bring your list of questions. These questions will be answered by your Higher Self during your session. Make sure all of your personal/life questions are listed together and your health/illness questions are in their own section. Know that your Higher Self, Oversoul, Intuition, Subconscious, Universal Mind (how ever you view it) is always with you and will be explained in more detail when we meet.

Sitting down to chat will be wonderful and we will have the opportunity to connect with each other and understand things together. We will look at your questions and make sure they are all understood. It will be a great time to reassure you of how easy and fun your session is going to be. Its similar to laying down for a nap; you just lie back and allow the experience to unfold. When the session begins, we will record it so you are able to review it as many times as you would like. The session usually lasts about two hours.

From this deep relaxing state of hypnosis you will be guided by Celestia through 1 to 3 past lives or experiences that your Higher Self wants you to experience/review. Each of us have an understanding of why and how things have happened in our lives. Through this process we are able to understand more clearly where and how issues began. This creates the space for healing and moving on.

Celestia will then gracefully access and connect you to your Higher Self. With this beautiful connection she will be asking your questions and doing a healing body scan. You will be allowing the wisdom and information to flow out of you for your healing and understanding. Many of us have experienced intuition or a gut feeling. That is coming directly from within you, we are just creating space or stepping aside to allow that information to come forward more fully.

Celestia we will then count you up and spend some time reflecting on your experience.We will discuss your answers to your questions and connect some of the dots from your session.

This is such a profound and moving experience, you will have a totally new perspective on your life and lessons learned. QHHT is such a gift and it can truly help and heal in ways that are so safe and loving. There is so much power and beauty within each of us and it’s a gift to be able to gain clarity for our own growth and expansion. Once you have this experience you will be able to more fully and deeply connect to your Higher Self if you so choose.


How To Prepare For Your Session


♥ Prepare a list of questions for your Higher Self to answer.  I encourage you to pour your heart into your questions. Dig deep and know that no question is a stupid question and if it matters to you, it matters. You may have questions about the loss of someone or why a particular situation/incident occurred. There are no limits to what you can ask.  If you want clarity or a deeper understanding, put it on your list. Also, I would like a list of health or injury/illness related questions. I ask that you keep these health questions in a separate page or section so not to be confusing when reviewing the list. If you have many questions, put them in order from least to most importance. My hope is to get answers to all of your questions but that is not always possible in one session. Be sure to neatly write or print your questions.  Do not bring them in on a device.

♥ Set your intention that you will have a great session. Once you have decided to schedule your QHHT session your Higher Self has prepared you for this wonderful interaction. Know that when we begin our session you are allowing your “ego” left side of your brain to relax and move aside in a sense, so that your “Higher Self” can converse through you. Several times a day repeat to yourself “I connect easily and clearly to my Higher Self”

♥ On the day of or day before your session, do some self care. Make sure you are cultivating some calm and peace for yourself. Meditate, walk in nature, do some yoga, do things that make you happy and grounded.

♥ Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours of your session. Being clear is very important.

♥ Eat a good meal before our session, as it could last more than 6 hours in some cases.

♥ Your session will be recorded. When you are in Theta this state of hypnosis the session may feel like a dream. Often the information fades and it’s very important for you to listen to your recording several times over the next week. This will help you to understand more and more and to draw that energy back in.

♥ This session is private. That means that the Celestia and the client are the only ones allowed in the room. There are no exceptions to this rule. We need to cultivate and maintain a very clear and open line of communication. Other people interfere with this connection. You are welcome to share your experience or recorded session at your discretion afterwards.

♥ Once we are in the session you will navigate through past, present or future experiences. Your Higher Self will guide you to what is most appropriate and important for you right now. We will then connect with your Subconscious/Higher Self. This is a powerful and special experience where clarity and healing flow in. This is the time we access the answers to your questions.

♥ I have had the privilege of witnessing how these sessions can help and truly enlighten the dark or murky areas of a person’s life. It is such a beautiful and important experience to have. You just need to trust that you are going to have the best session of your life! : )

♥ Make sure you understand that you are the one that is bringing forth the wisdom, power and healing to the session. You are so special! It is not a force outside of yourself that is going to make all these things happen, it is you. Your “Conscious Self” is just getting out of the way and allowing your “Higher Self” to be fully heard and understood.

♥ If for any reason you need to contact me with questions please do so at your convenience. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please contact me A.S.A.P. I am only booking one session per day so that you are given my full attention and time for our session.

♥ My intention is for you to find all that you are seeking. I am eager and grateful to be the practitioner that you have selected to guide you on this journey. I will do everything within my ability to make sure that you receive all the information that you desire. It is my hope that you will utilize the experience and information gathered through this process to have a happy, joyous and inspiring life. Love and Light my friend!♥


Below are some helpful videos that you should watch before your session: