What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique can be thought of as a guided meditation or even like taking a nap.  The difference is just that you will dive in deeper and in a slightly different manner. It is a way of gently and thoroughly connecting you with your Subconscious or Higher Self so that you can access all the incredible information that lies within you.

People are drawn to the QHHT method for many reasons. The most common reasons are to understand their life purpose, family, career, past/current health related issues or just out of curiosity. If you are interested in exploring the deepest part of yourself, then this is going to be a great adventure. I personally was astonished at the places I visited and the information that was brought forth for me. It was all very relevant and revolutionary in my life.

Some clients feel as though they are guided to book a session. They feel the need to gain deeper insight into their life and trust that this method will assist them. This is what I am here to do. I help facilitate a connection between the client and the part of them that is always there guiding, loving and communicating with them. This information helps them to heal and fulfill their life’s unique purpose. Some individuals of a strong faith have asked me “Will this effect my faith or my conviction in God?” Absolutely, your session is going to strengthen that connection. This process helps you to see that when you draw near to God (Spirit, Universal Consciousnesses) to connect, that energy is there connected to you always! It is truly a beautiful process.


For the session clients make a list of questions. These questions can be about the clients present life/future and/or past. There are no limits to what your questions should be. If you want clarity or a deeper understanding, put it on your list. Also make a list of any health/injury or illness related issues that you are dealing with.There will be a time in our session were we are able to connect with what is called your Subconsciousness. Once we are able to move into this phase I will ask the questions you have put down on your list. Truly this is where the clarity and understanding becomes evident.

This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon. She spent over 45 years exploring this vast unknown and facilitated thousands of sessions. Her primary intention was to always keep the client safe and do no harm. She has passed this down to each of her students wholeheartedly and although she has passed from her earthly form, she is always with us in our hearts. Celestia is new to this process but she knows fully that this is part of her life’s calling. She will always have your best interest at heart. Celestia learned this technique from Suzanne Spooner and Julia Cannon, Dolores Cannon’s daughter.

Below are two excellent videos that explain the QHHT technique: