Welcome to The Uplifting Channel,

This space was created in an effort to uplift, inspire, comfort and strengthen those seeking. My intention is to share the messages I have received through “automatic writing” a form of channeling. It was expressed to me that each effort we make to spread love,  inspiration and hope is important beyond measure. That is what this blog is all about. Love, it is about opening up our hearts and minds to find a deeper awareness within ourselves and with all those we come into contact with. The messages that come through are always saturated in so much love and compassion, its like a hug for your soul. I have never felt discomfort or uneasy to the contrary it has always given me a deep sense of oneness and ease at all levels. I am writing these blogs in the hope that those of you that indulge in these posts connect with something beautiful, deep and healing.

Message on September 19th 2017

“It’s not just this season that brings forth healing and acceptance but my eternal love for you. For it is in the moments of each passing day that I shower you in Grace. Seek not to suppress or change the beautiful creation that you are but instead shine forth and radiate my eternal love that is within you. All that is could not be if it were not part of me, an expression of my being in all different forms and states. It pains me to know that there is so much suffering and hatred in my creation but I am at peace knowing all that is/was once lost will soon be found. For all that is of me will once again return to me. It is in this returning that the beauty of my expression is found. Let it be a swift Awakening and may the many soon become aware of their true nature. In love and light”


About Celestia

When I first began to “channel” I was amazed. They were always so meaningful to me and gave me comfort in times of uncertainty. When writing I realize I am the hand writing them but all it requires of me is to relax and open so that the words may come forth. They are like a gift being born and they flow in quite quickly. In more recent times I felt as though I needed to do more to help heal and uplift humanity. Ask and you shall receive or shall I say open your heart and it will flow. I have begun facilitating the QHHT method of hypnosis. I have realized this is what I am here for. This is what my heart called out to do. I am eternally grateful to have the ability to facilitate sessions with beautiful souls that are seeking. Seeking for healing or understanding or a way to utilize their unique gifts.

Right before I decided to make this blog I asked this question.

Q: What should I do?

A: “Make peace and be still. Light it up and send it out. Do not stop believing in you and this movement of energy. It draws near it is moving quickly purifying and cleansing the negative base desires. You know your part, it is within your soul. Your eyes will soon see for it is not a mystery. Don’t forget this my darling, don’t let these distractions fool you. You are on the right track you must only stay grounded and continue to reach up higher. I know your soul and it is of this Love. “

This message was not just for me. Oh no, for I believe we are all one. You all have this Love that makes up your being. You are magnificent beyond words or measure and your life, your energy, and your soul have amazing power and effect on our world. It may seem as though  it is just a small act or it doesn’t mean anything but when we  intentionally  listen to our hearts and share with compassion it is beautiful. We all have an important role in this, even if we deny it and choose to keep playing small. I truly believe that one day each of us will know this truth.