You Are A Powerful Creator

Have you been feeling the energy of change? What about the rising up of old patterns, calling for your attention for the 20th time? Are you sitting there thinking “haven’t I already learned this lesson? Is there something I am missing in order to move on?” The good news is, all you need to do is acknowledge that you have mastered it. That lesson and pattern is done now. What a joy this can be, to use your own power as a declaration of your own mastery. This is a smooth transition, you don’t have to fight or struggle anymore you just let your energy move on and through to the next higher space of creativity.

July 9th 2018

New beginnings are here. There is an energy of release, in order to accept and draw in the new. New is only relative. There is an element of this you should understand that has always existed within and throughout. It is now taking on a new form of expression and that is what you are witnessing. This new beginning is actually a transformation. In order to let this be swift and have as little confusion as possible, you need to access and spend time examining your patterns and how you are creating the lessons in your life. What are you avoiding dealing with? The acceptance and understanding of these things are the key to your own mastery. You are not a victim. You can only play that role for so long. Once you have played it out long enough you will recognize your power. Your power is so important and it is limitless. You do not have to stay stuck in a situation or circumstance; you can create change. This is the human journey; the preparation is to turn inward. You are the one you have been waiting for. You do not need to seek answers outside of yourself. This is your new beginning, a beginning of empowerment and learning how much you are capable of. Let go of your silly notions of scarcity and fear. Your new beginnings are being brought to bear on a new world.