Trust You’re Divinity Within

This message started out as something I was seeking for my own self growth. Once I looked at the message and read the words, I realized it is for everyone’s self growth. There is no boundary between my heart and yours. We all share this same loving energy. How much better our lives will be when each of us embraces ourselves fully. Each time we open up to the love that surrounds us and we take a step forward in loving trust, we expand ourselves.  I hope that you find love comfort and inspiration in these words. XOXOXOXO

July 3rd 2018

I need to tell myself the truth. I need to recognize my inner divinity.  It is the driving force, the voice and the peace within me. I am not lost, I have only ever been confused. I am letting go of my confusion. I am releasing all that is not in my highest good. It is invigorating! I still need to let go of my self doubt. I have a few things that are hang ups, that no longer serve me. How about the idea that self sabotage is not helping me. It is that part of myself that is nervous, that is not sure…. the ego. The ego says; “How can you give this no thought? How can you surrender? It is not realistic.” ha ha ha you have such a narrow view of reality my dear sweet little mind. You are doing a fantastic job of keeping me alive and well but you are ready to step aside and hold on for this wild ride. It is so much more fulfilling than you can imagine. Please know that I love you and that I am always going to cherish your loving kindness.

It is now time for me to naturally follow the flow of my heart, my river of love. I am gliding and riding a river of so much love. It is all around me, in the fabric of it all. Whenever you have a moment of doubt or worry, simply lean into this remembrance of love and certainty. Have faith in the ultimate good for you, and that your soul is playing out its purpose in each moment. Release your bond with sadness, do not be afraid, you are free! Embrace this feeling in your heart, the knowing of truth, spread your wings and fly! It’s time to soar and reach new heights in the culmination of this energy, for humanity. It is here, it is there, it is literally everywhere! It is current, it is past and it is future.  They are all here now, overlapping, intermingling and propelling us rapidly forward.