The Power of Belief and Free Will

Belief……there are so many thoughts that are ignited when we hear this word, lets look at the definition. Belief 1.) An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists  2.) Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. We each form beliefs ranging from the simplest,  like the sun will rise, we are human or red is not my color. There is an aspect of belief in our relationships, self reflection, body image and faith in a Higher Power. The beliefs we choose, and they are a choice, are what form our mental attitudes, inspirations or lack there of. Clearly, when you take into consideration the vast and all encompassing range of aspects we choose to believe in, it seems to get a little overwhelming.  Lets look at some specifics by using examples.

If I wake up and feel tired, maybe its irritating that the alarm sounded to soon, but if I choose to believe it is going to be a good day, guess what, it is.  It may not be perfect, but each time there seems to be a problem we can use it as an opportunity to form a positive perspective or outcome. How about a deeper topic like faith? I can choose to let go of belief in something like a Higher Power and submit to the idea that I will forever be a lost, worthless, human in a society devoid of love, moving toward my eventual death. On the other hand I can choose to believe that I am an aspect of the Divine, I have purpose, each of us have purpose and I am going to seek and search my soul to find how best to embody this Divinity.  Sit with this for a moment and see how it feels.

There have been many beliefs we have established for ourselves, others have been impinged upon us. As with the natural progression of change, some beliefs served a purpose and provided something we needed for a time but that time has passed. Many of these beliefs have been a saving grace, a lifeline when things became overwhelming. Some of them have now become toxic and have caused doubt, pain and a deep sense of unworthiness. These are the beliefs that no longer serve us. These are truly unnecessary. It is time to reflect on these “negative beliefs”  and reflect on how they affect our mind, heart, and body.

Many beliefs held by individuals and societies as a whole are being shattered. This is an act of a collective will. They are the beliefs that no longer serve the individual in their highest good. Releasing the energetic tie to these many forms is the shifting of the individuals inner power and collective consciousnesses. This is the power to recognize and realize that many of these beliefs they once held dear or held out of fear, were burdens rather then blessings. Watch as you release these energetic ties and see what you feel…..what you sense within you. You will notice a light, almost a buoyant feeling.  This is the feeling of the chains that once held you down being broken. In a sense, all you do to achieve this freedom is mentally make it so. It is so simple. Ask yourself the question: “What can I release that is not in my highest good?” Wait and sense what happens. Then say “I release all these ties, fully and completely in the essence and nature of my highest good and the good of all other beings. My energy is free, pure and true to its Divine nature.” This is a declaration of your freedom and of your power, you need no permission, you need no forgiveness. You are pure and Divine, just look within and connect internally, directly to your inner light. Bless you. Each of you lighting the way, sharing your truth and helping each other find their inner truth.