The Light Of Truth

Throughout our lives, many things distract and confuse us. There are some things we allow to shatter our hope or cause deep disbelief within us. This is usually not intentionally allowed but rather a learned or habitual one. I have always realized that much of these perspectives are just incorrect interpretations. I continue to search and discover the good in every situation. Some think this is silly, I’m too happy, just being optimistic or naive. Although, as I continue to facilitate and experience the QHHT sessions, I realize that my intuition has always been true. Everything is always guided and influenced by love, even when we do not have the eyes or ability to understand how. I’m so grateful that this awareness is becoming real for others and further establishing clarity for me. It is so exciting and rewarding to have this powerful and influential experience with another person. The light is shining, it is getting brighter day by day.ย  We simply need to open our eyes and hearts to embrace this incredible experience.

June 21st 2018

Shining like a diamond, your inner light is in resonance with all.ย  There is no disconnect, no disharmony. You may disagree based on certain experiences, uncomfortable feelings or mental attitudes you hold. These misunderstandings are the untruth, they are the confusion of the experience. The truth is the unending source of your light. It is the clarity that nothing is by chance, and that it all carries with it an element of love and healing in some form or fashion. You are so completely blessed! Each of you are such gifts and it’s so easy to express this gratitude. LOVE! Love yourself, speak sweetly to the light within you. Forgive yourself of anything that pains you or distorts this truth.

When you look outside of yourself, knowingly connect and acknowledge this truth:ย  what you are seeing is not merely “unconscious matter,” it is energy, it is alive and it is important. Seek to make this connection within your own mind. This is the sacred, this is the beginning of your own mental shift into the state of Universal truth. See this in any perspective your mind can accept, there is no correction needed. It is just a shift toward this core truth. This will assist you in the realization of this truth, your truth, Universal truth and the truly joyous experience that is every moment. Quiet the mind and connect to this truth. There is no fear, only a gentle guiding away from the illusion of separateness and the perspective of unconscious matter into this all encompassing state of unity.