Radiate You’re Exuberating Joy

We each make choices everyday, ranging from the smallest to the largest, each of equal importance. It is our task to take the time to shine our inner light into the world and consciously move through it. Take your time to discover what you are inspired by and how you can give back to others. Know that this can be the smallest of acts: to simply compliment someone, allow someone to merge in traffic, smile or witness another. It is so simple to share your love light with others. Do so with no expectation, just a random act of kindness. Yesterday, I facilitated a QHHT session and it was beautiful. These sessions are so rewarding; they are my labor of love. I am continually amazed at how powerful these sessions are, not just for the client, but for me as well. This message came this afternoon and I am so grateful that it did. From my heart to yours. Namaste.

June 18th 2018

Nothing is of more importance in this moment than the individuals continual movement toward their journey of resonance with the Divine. It is truly the greatest investment and purpose on this planet. It is not to be taken lightly, there is a sense of urgency. Even still you are each free to choose your path and where you invest your energy. If you are driven to open yourself to a greater potential, be sure you are making the time to “stop and smell the roses”. Life is miraculous, it is truly unique.  Your earthly experience can assist your unfoldment by enjoying and experiencing life in this moment. Fully absorb all that you can, grounded in the realization of abundance and exuberant joy. Truly, we all want to experience this, it is merely a matter of conscious choice and energy awareness. We shall say it is always only a heart beat away, it is in you, with you, of you, and for you:  unending and ever present joy and wonder.