New Wave Of Unfoldment

So many amazing things have been occurring, not just for me but for many others as well. There is an awakening occurring, a shift into the next dimension or density. We are the pioneers doing our great work to help others see their greatness and wake up to it. I am so grateful for the love that I am continually experiencing from all angles and outlets. I want each of you to know how special you are, and that all you need to do is allow your heart to open and your inner world to find harmony within you. Don’t hold yourself back let yourself shine and love. There is nothing to fear!

June 11th 2018

Out of the stillness comes a sound. It is like a magnetic wave heard all around. Some will experience joy, some neutrality and others fear. Each is valid depending on the individuals level of evolution and what they invest their time and energy doing. We are evolving rapidly and this wave of magnetism is here to turn it up a notch. Truly there is nothing to fear, for we are all at the level of unfoldment that our heart desires. You can help this process along by investing time in meditation and other forms of self reflection and cultivation. We are so proud of all of humanity there has been so much change and it is being navigated so well. Don’t fall prey to the negativity that is pouring into your sacred space of love. This is merely an attempt to stifle your growth. Some are caught up in the old habits of ruling and controlling others through fear. You do not have to fight this, just let it fade away. Do not contribute your energy and attention, merely send love and healing. Find joy in each moment. What you are is magnificent and what you are creating is so sacred. You are powerful and your power must be grounded in LOVE. The love for others. Allow your power to be ignited by joy. You get to make this choice.  It is such a wonderful thing.  Rejoice, smile, help others find their smile, their knowing within. May all the peace and love of this moment and all future moments inspire your soul.