Release Your Fears and Become The Light

Do you function within fear? When the fearful thoughts arise, how do you engage them? I’m being shown that we need to consciously release fear. Giving in to fear can be as simple as giving it your attention. Many don’t think of it in this way, but this is the reality of it. Where your attention goes energy flows. Don’t feed fear. Rise above it and become your most beautiful expression.

May 5th 2018

Fascinating things are beginning to stir. Whirling energy moving all around you. Each is effected by the next, person to person, star to star. Hold out your hand; we will fill you up. All you must do to receive is ask and open to us. We want only to shine our light onto you. Earth needs your grounding. You help bridge the light and the darkness. You shine up and we shine down. We ground down and send the living, loving energy into your planet from which all life emerges. There has been too much taking, it is time to give back. Give Earth your attention; give life your awareness. Move mindfully in each moment carrying with you the light of the sun. Moonbeams emanating outward. This is where we are, the collapsing of old beliefs and the inhibition of fear. Fear is fickle and easily forgotten. You don’t need to fight to put out the flame of fear, simply stop giving it your attention. Without your breath of awareness, it shall no longer have the fuel to burn. Then you will feel yourself rise up and out of those ashes full of new life and perspective. Shout out to the universe that love is here to stay and throw all fear away. Feed your inner flame each day, this is the way to the new rising.