Crystalized Light From Within

Saturday I went to a beautiful Native American sweat lodge ceremony. The people were very kind and made the experience safe and welcoming. During the third round of the sweat, I had so much energy flowing in and around my 3rd eye and crown chakras that I literally had to ask that it cut back a bit. I was amazed. In spiritually grounded groups I have had this before but nothing close to this level of intensity. The message that came through when I came out of the hut was very interesting. I can see the link between the experience I had and the words to follow. I also wonder if any of the others involved feel a connection to this message.

May 5th 2018

Sacred is not just the act of blessing and making wholly. It is the movement of great spirit in and through it’s most concentrated form. Each of you hold the space, a crystalized conductor within you that amplifies this energy. You each have the ability to make Sacred each moment of your life, each breath from within your being. You must not forget your Divinity. You are the crystal that makes all things Sacred.