How Do You Contribute To Your Joy and Suffering?

The more I cultivate the connection to my inner world, the more I see the connection in the outer world. I know that we are powerful beings and we are capable of using our power to create our happiness and/or our suffering. What we neglect to understand or realize is that our energy draws a similar frequency to us. If we expel love we will get it back, if we expel fear we will get it back. Karma is an infinitely complicated and beautiful design. Ask yourself how am I contributing to the growth and happiness of myself?

Question: How can humanity help themselves?

Your body is here as a vessel, a conduit of peace. The form you have chosen is of the correct vibration for your unique transformation. Many others are here, many are linked directly to you, to this humanity. What can be done is to open the inner eye. Bring forth new vision to see the connection among us all. This ability to recognize what is beyond the senses gives you the power to transform and transmute energy. Energy is what you are, what the trees, the earth and all of the seen and unseen matter is. The sooner that you open this awareness the more content your soul will be. Finding this link and coming back to it in each moment can be difficult, but many souls have done it. Even to connect and sustain the connection for a moment can bring forth complete bliss. Not only will this bring you great joy and healing, but also the many souls you encounter. You are like the wind; your energy is flowing out and through all of life, and life is moved and affected by you. Each time you feel alone or loose sight of your beautiful connection, remember we are here helping you. The more you can embrace each moment and enhance your awareness, the more likely you will be to see the signs and the gifts that are here to aid you along the way. Hold true to your path and inner wisdom. All is and will be well.