Choose What Influences Your Energy

Do you feel the wind of change? The stirring of love in your heart? This is the time to access what you are putting into your mind and what you are sending out through your being. All of us have experienced people and situations that do not resonate with us. When these situations arise what do you do? Do you stay in a state of disharmony and pretend you have no other choice, or do you listen to your heart and disengage with the situation? You must forgive and release what no longer serves you. Anything that decreases your sense of inner joy should be released and forgiven. We are not here to be unhappy and bring others down, contrary to the media. That is why I don’t watch or read the news. I choose to cultivate loving energy rooted in the highest good and bring that forth instead. Turn off your TV and tune into your heart the messages will change your life and your world.

May 3rd 2018

You are dancing on top of the world. Can you see it? All of this energy is infusing this state, its expansion never seen before and its purpose devoid of any explanation. You will feel it, you will know. Your heart shines brightly, reflecting back into the heart of the creator. It is this beauty that you now feel so deeply, expanding  outward into this beautiful dance of new life. Shy away from your truth no longer. You are all that is of love. You are an external soul of source that extends beyond your imagination. Where there is release and joy you will find the greatest space for healing. Create that space within you and share it with others. It is your duty to shine.