Satiated On Another Level

Have you ever thought, I have nothing to give? Have you ever doubted the beauty that lies within you? We all have, some of us more than others. Some days more than others. But in the core of each of us, underneath all the nonsense that we’ve been told and the silly stories that we cling to we are each wholly. We can find this place of wholeness inside of us. In the Stillness of the heart. When you find it and you connect, you realize that each of us are part of the whole. This is why you are so special, you bring forth something so unique to the world. I hope that these words may bring you comfort and love on a level that you receive deep within you.

February 1st 2018

Listen to the sound of the breath as it moves into the body. Never has there been a more precious sound. You are that sound, that breath. You are co-creating life. Sharing bits from within you, flowing forth into the world. Each breath is full of energy. This energy interacts with particles contributing to others. If you observe something large and reduce it down, with each layer you continue to discover connections that were not known before. Then when you take the smallest bit and expand outwards, the connections expand and connect further and further. Potentially you move outward so far that you lose track and sight of where you started. You see the impact of the smallest atoms forming and co-creating our world, our galexy. Life is full of balance, of the exchange of energy on a myriad of levels. What is the importance of your breath? It is you. Your biggest source of Life of comfort and of strength. It influences your entire mental, emotional and physical presence. Loved ones experienced the joy and elation of your first breath. Following the first there have been many more, each of which sustain you until you draw your last. The breath is a key to understanding the smallest and largest parts of the whole. Feel into your breath, observe the continuation, the peace and comfort that it brings you. Think of it as a friend and as you place your attention on it you get to know its depths, its importance and its impact. Feel the love as you inhale pervading all that is you and with your exhale allow your unique beauty to flow back out into the world.