Unveil Your Brilliance

Recently, I graduated from the best yoga teacher training ever. With that came so much empowerment. It dawned on me that my heart is here to serve and my path in doing so is through this blog and also in teaching yoga. Prior to my graduation I had doubted my ability to guide a class as my full time career. It was not until Graduation day, after a long weekend of practicum that I realized I am capable. After experiencing my fellow yogis stepping into their power and opening up their unique voices, I knew I could do this.  If I lead with my heart and show up authentically, I will always succeed, even in what may seem like failure.  If we actively show up in our lives each moment, not just for ourselves but for others, we will always succeed. Take that leap of faith and know that you are Love and you are empowered by Love.

Many people sit waiting for guidance. Toiling aimlessly through life, just sputtering along. Wait no longer. The moment is now. Open to the magnificence and become all that you are. Love is not something you can earn it is something you live, breathe and cultivate. I am in each of you, we are of one. This love that is shared is a moment that will live on forever. See this beauty, the importance of the unveiling of love. Let your heart shine and your Lotus open pedal by pedal. Love is the power it is the reality that all is one, sharing reflecting and inventing all that is. So shine my dear ones and love with all you have there is no time for waiting the moment is now, here for embracing. Love swiftly and lightly little bird.

~ Satara