Flow Fiercely And Freely

I was anxious on Friday as the day slowly progressed. It was my final teacher training weekend in Asheville, NC and I was ready to get on the road and begin the two and a half hour drive to get there. But, before I set out on my journey, I did some yoga and a meditation. Feeling totally relaxed, I began driving.  Up and down, I followed the twisting mountainous roads, peacefully making my way to what felt more like an end than a beginning. It was not until later that I discovered my journey was just beginning.   Words started to flow into my mind. Usually I wrote down on paper the “messages” that I received but in this case I hit record and, as I drove, spoke the words. It was a moving meditation and a most enjoyable experience.

December 15th 2017

The universe is functioning in all of its capacity to empower us. To shine light on the truth of Love, on the unification of man and earth, of animal and plant. Man is absolutely crucial to this process. Each time that we open up our hearts and turn inward to the deep connections between the things and beings outside of ourselves (outside of ourselves in the sense that they don’t currently occupy the space within our bodies) our energies begin more powerfully radiating out and connecting with one another, with Earth, the trees and all beings. All matter is constantly connecting and exchanging energy, therefore shifting our energy and awareness not only affects our being, (this physical vessel that we Encompass) it expands outwards and affects all other things. In many ways it is not apparent, but for those with gentle awareness and open hearts it can be felt and sensed. If one begins softening and centering it opens the ability to sense the deeper aspects of life.  Sometimes we avoid facing these truths because they call us to the front and center, they shine the light to show us what is true. At times what we are doing and how we are living our lives or the actions we are taking are going against this. If we were in a river, it’s flow would represent life guiding us, the river is drawing us into the flow to find harmony and expand our self imposed limitations. It is our actions and our resistance toward the lessons/openings that we are here to embrace that are keeping us stuck there, grounding us down. Maybe we are avoiding facing them so much that we trudge upstream against them in an attempt to run from our truth. In these instances we may feel discontentment or fear when denying the universe’s hand in empowering and awakening us. In those moments of struggle life becomes disharmonious, and we may not understand why the struggles are there or why we feel so frustrated. But if we tap into that gentle inner awareness and begin discovering the connections, we will feel into the depth of our lives and the impact we have on our world. We may then realize that we are the ones that are feeding our outer chaos by the inner avoidance and disconnect. To embrace life and to open ourselves up in our inner world, we realize those struggles can then become our biggest growth or blessing. When we endure what may seem uncomfortable and face our fears, we grow in those areas, finding truth, awareness and a deeper way of relating. A new ability to connect with others from a place of knowing that never would have existed before the inner reflection and triumph. Each part along the path has its purpose and the universe is continually helping us expand our capacity and ability in the direction of Love. Although at times it may not be apparent, if we reflect and we tune in and listen we will see that the universe is always doing this. It is always holding our hand to uplift and guide us. Deep within our hearts, this truth is known.