The Truth Winthin Our Hearts

I’ve been in a yoga teacher training and this weekend was the retreat. I went into it without expectation and I am grateful for that. After sacred theater, I had this connection to each individual that had shared pieces of themselves. I was in this place of peace. A place of acceptance of myself by myself and all others. Immersed in this sense of joy and acceptance I walked down a path and sat underneath a tree. Opening up to the Joy of the quiet, out of the stillness came these words. Each time I read it my heart expands. I go right back to that moment and the experience of unending joy that I felt and I am truly at peace. I hope that your heart can connect to this magic as well.

October 28th 2017
You are shedding your layers and underneath,  you are witnessing your truth. The truth. The unending flow of my Consciousness into all that exists. There is no higher self, only the Self. There is no need to strive, no barrier that you must fight to take down. It is all serving its purpose. It may seem hard at times. What you bear witness to can bring up many things from within. Know that this is not your only incarnation, for only the strong soul can be of this earth. Mother Earth is dense, strong and through this density and strength each soul strengthens. These tests are not easy and in no way should you place judgments on yourselves nor others. Each of you have our own journeys, the unique struggles that you find yourself in are of your own design. You have shaped you, leaving behind little clues and inspirations for yourselves. Your biggest task is to truly let go of old ties, tasks, memories, emotions and moods. Dwell within the space of stillness within. United with the purity in each atom use this moment of clarity to send out your light. Each time you do this,  it radiates out further and further. It expands to worlds you have not yet known, to beings that are of you, and with you. Your light is like a pure crystal vibrating so quickly that it has no form. If you seek only in hopes to find it, it will only allude you further. Remember you do not have to do, you just need to be. The result is an enfoldment that comes peacefully as the sound of the ocean on a calm day. Gradually the ocean draws in to its center encompassing all that is within, gently it moves outward, touching, dancing and merging with the whole. Know truly within your heart of hearts that you are strong, you are of my Being and this is what makes up the stars the vastness and all-encompassing space. The breath that you draw in is my body merging into yours, sustaining your earthly form. This is why the awareness of our breath is so unifying. It is with so much gentleness that I merge with you. But unlike the breath that one day will draw to an end, I will continue to embrace you in a myriad of other forms. We have dreamed up so many beautiful creations, you and I. Giving birth to creations again and again we continue to learn, to express and to return back to our Eternal source of love.  So if for a moment in your silly sadness you forget who you are, remember that you are the brightest of the bright, my precious Eternal shining star and I will always know who you are.