Nothing to fear

After a most beautiful experience this weekend. I wrote a poem for the first time in a really long time. It felt so easy to express my thoughts and feelings. I’m so grateful for the growth that I am experiencing. I feel as though I am a different person now than I was just a couple weeks ago. It is really something to bear witness to. I am eternally grateful for each beautiful soul that has grown with me along this path.      Namaste

All around me I feel you move, the perfection of your creation ever unfolding. I see the connection underneath, the thread unifying the whole. In and out, your meaning and form always changing. I’m aware now of my heart beating within the Earth and the expansion of my lungs drawing in bits of the universe. Even as I exhale I feel the magic of their substance bringing new life, new perspective and taking away all the untrue filters I’ve held onto. It’s a glorious process of renewal, death and sustainment. Death has never been so beautiful before. It has shed the fear and taken on new meaning. The expression of self care to create space for letting go….. releasing old habits and thoughts, and eventually our beautiful everlasting souls out of the confines of this vessel of experience, the body. I shall no longer fear this. I know that each of us have a limited time on Mother Earth and once we let go it is only the sorrow, the holding on, the greed and the fear that keep us stuck in this moment or at the end. Why not choose to let your heart break open, to demolish the inner barriers that keep us from fully being authentic and vulnerable. Who is there to judge us truly? It is only us. The judge, jury and Punisher. Choose love, be vulnerable, be broken, accept yourself as you are through each joy, each sadness and give yourself the space to just be. In and through your own process, let it all go, coming back to your inner knowing and light, and let it shine.