Embrace The Light Shining Upon You

Have you ever thought there has to be something deeper and more meaningful to life? I think most of us have, at some point, felt that life is being influenced by the Divine. Maybe you have had the Divine intervene in ways that were unexplainable or even outstanding. Out of these kinds of experiences a seed is planted, it is the reassurance that there is a force that moves through us in the most magnificent of ways.

This force has always been in my awareness. Though the awareness has certainly waxed and waned, throughout my life I have always felt within my heart that all things are here to help us. The subtle things may seem more elusive but they are powerful. Impacting us on levels we are unlikely aware of. The more I embrace and open to these concepts the more I feel myself allowing my inner light to shine out. The fear that used to hinder me from opening up to the world is gradually fading into the background and Love is filling the space.

October 18th 2017

      Golden light is shining upon you. The Majesty of the wise ones is being infused into your being via intense waves, more potent than a thousand suns.  These waves are in form that seeks to reestablish your equilibrium. The result is that you embody a peaceful demeanor, your abilities  begin to broaden and your happiness overflows.  This light is of you and for you, it makes up all of matter. You can be assured that it is flowing forth from the highest realms.  It is being intensified in each moment. These moments that seemingly create the continuation of time. The continuity of what appears as your “life” is merely a blink from this view. With all things merging in and out of the one, nothing is left untouched.  The meaning of theses experiences is sometimes unclear to the mind but the absolute sees purpose and peace in all things.  Integrate your being with this force, feel the resonance throughout your earthy form.  Know truly that you are cared for and looked after in all that you do.