Form Flows Forth From The Formless

Who are we? What did we come from? Was it solely the unity of a sperm and an egg that brought us into form? From this perspective we may see ourselves merely as animals and nothing more, a simple creature devoid of any Holiness. Should we choose to take this view, we are gravely undervaluing the true beauty and magic that is our unique expression. We are something magnificent. All life is so precious, it is beyond measure. It is a great accomplishment to love and to connect to the greatness that dwells within. In this, we are connecting to all life, no longer living in a confined, limited reality and we are able to expand our hearts, minds and experiences to create joy all around.

October 16th 2017

 Out of the stillness emerged this life, moving and twisting, forming into each individualized component. It was out of this changing, this whirling action that formed its expression. There are many that resist opening to this view, that out of God came God. The formless is indeed what we call form. There is no reason to deny this reality for it is with much beauty and honor that we have taken form. Though the senses limit our outward perspectives there is infinitely more to be gained and realized inside. It is as though your body holds the keys to unlocking your soul. With careful and delicate persistence we are able to cultivate balance and the fruition of our Holiness within. Do not deny your beauty and Holiness. You are a child of God and you shine brighter than any star could ever dream. Your rays shine forth unaffected by the seeming imperfections. Bringing new hope and expression, we once again experience our inner being in its truest form. To the many, know that we are one.