Changes Open The Self To Give Selflessly

Changes come to us in order to ignite the movement of our being toward unity with the Self. Each struggle, loss, and obstacle is part of our journey to teach us a lesson. These seeming hardships are opportunities to dive deeper into surrender, selfless giving,  and loving dedication to a higher power. They are redirecting our attention inward toward our Divine nature and oneness. Open yourself up to new perspectives, feelings and focal points. Surrender your old habitual negative thinking so that your life may be flooded with gratifying feelings of love and unity.  Embrace the changes and let your love light shine.

  Accept change. It is inevitable because all things are in a state of constant change. When these changes come, accept them. Allow yourself the space to become receptive to what is transpiring. There is so much inspiration in every breath and moment of your life. Begin to use your words in an effort to uplift one another and witness yourself becoming centered. Lend a hand to those in need and be a backbone to someone struggling. This is such a beautiful thing to accomplish. Did you know that this is in your nature? All around you it plays out, although many are simply unaware.  They are so caught up in what they are working to acquire.  It is infinitely more gratifying when the Self is allowed to work to please others selflessly.  Open your Being to the act of giving without the notion of receiving.  Let the changes come. Let the tides of your mind roll in and out. Removing the clutter and bringing forth the beauty of a cleansed mentality.  To all of my brothers and sisters, my messages are for you.

Love always,