You Are Worthy, You Are of God

I have never subscribed in the belief of being a sinner. The entire notion has always perplexed me. I do not believe that children of God, beings of the highest energy have an inherent quality of filth and negativity that we are born into. My choice is to believe that all is pure. Even though some things may be perceived as disturbed or disgusting, all things serve a purpose and in the end I believe they serve the highest good. I view our being and all matter as an expression of this Highest Love and creation. Each moment that unfolds is a creative dance of returning home to the awareness that nothing is ever lost or created and everything always is.

October 2nd 2017

There is an inner acknowledgement of worth that has to form for each individual. It is with this understanding of what it means to be worthy that you expand. After this we realize that all things have worth.  You are not a sinner, you are not a measly piece of flesh. You are God in a purest form. Did you know that you could move mountains? That your heart beats with the universe? That it was your breath that brought this world into being? It is unlikely that this has been realized. But, should you drop the act, quickly your inner world will transform. You will just as quickly realize that nothing has changed, everything is exactly as it always was. Only now you have the awareness to know this.