Rooting Into Our Being

It’s interesting how when our eyes are filtering out the perception of light and the dance of matter it can all seem so distant. Looking down at our bodies we see this simple mechanism, a barrier that separates us from everything else. But it is only our perception that causes this disconnect. Through the act of meditation, the inward centering of our senses, we begin to lose the identification with our body. We expand outward. The realization comes that we were never only this body but actually we are all of this. All encompassing, continually unfolding into a new dimension of being.

Oct.  1st 2017

“Harmony inner and outer is now. There is a thinner barrier in this moment than ever before. Your planet, Mother Earth, is helping you to awaken and connect with her. She’s been long in the state of stress trying to bear all the burdens of mankind. She knew her part in this, her suffering is not in vain. She has cultivated a beautiful place for the transformation to occur. This transformation is the realization that she is you. There is no difference except in the rate of vibration and although things appear separate, when your eyes truly open this is merged into one. You are not alone. No, never! You are always being guided and encouraged along your path. This world is of you and it will respond to your every need. You only need set aside your belief in you being small and unworthy. So pretend if you must for we have all made our choices, but if you awaken, let it be full and glorious.”