Letting Go Of Our Own Suffering and Embracing Peace

This reaffirmed for me how everything that happens, no matter how seemingly cruel, unfair or painful, has something beautiful underneath. Sometimes it takes years or even a life time to realize this but at some point it becomes clear. Recently I lost my sweet cat Blitz and naturally it has been a hard process. Each of us have an inclination to grasp and hold onto what we no longer have. Ironically, the more that we grip and harden, refusing to accept and release, the more we create and prolong our own suffering. This does not mean we forget them. I still miss and reminisce about his sweet presence each day and all the adorable qualities that made him so unique. But in this space within me that seems somewhat broken and empty without him, I have decided to let light and love shine in. It is amazing what this type of transformation can spark. It is so beautiful that out of this heartbreak can come this unifying love. I can feel him in my heart, in the softness of the breeze and I know that his spirit is my spirit as well. So by embracing the change in his form, I have found peace and love in an entirely different way.

October 2nd 2017

“Spiritual life is not of a different world, it is just as much around you in the nature that you see. It is simply a shifted perspective an alteration if you will. If you raise up out of the muck and delusions that are confusing you, your eyes begin to see and you are suddenly shifted.  You are reborn. Something long-forgotten is remembered and it is glorious. It is a warm and comforting hug that Embraces you and instantly you can’t imagine for one moment why you ever felt alone. You are securely planted here in this world and everything is exactly as it should be. Each struggle is a blessing and each lesson learned brings you closer to the realization of your Oneness. It is okay to be confused by all of these words and the seeming “tricks” that surround you. There are no unnecessary moments. Nothing is given to you that you do not need in order to rise up and shine out. You are a child of Love Now and Forever.”