What does it mean to awaken?

I had been looking at the term awakening in the previous messages and wanted to get further clarification on what was meant by it.  When I asked the question the answer was delightful.  It was a gentle reminder that brings clarity to your eyes.

October 1st 2017

What does it mean to awaken?

“Awakening is the unfolding of your inner self, your true nature. It is something of great privilege and achievement. Each soul is searching. Some are searching through the physical manifestations, only causing greed and suffering for themselves. The true search is one of a different nature. It is the calling out from within you, your inner guide that knows what is safe and what is needed and what to avoid. In your physical existence this can be hard to tap into and become aware of. This is the nature of physical exploration. You have all agreed to be here on Earth and seek out your true nature. Some have got lost in the confusion of their existence. It is a beautiful creation that you wake up in each day, with magic beyond measure. The more you become centered and grounded within yourself the more you will experience the apparent barriers begin to dissolve. This is what we would call your Awakening.  It is seeing the depth and Beauty in everything, the unified whole. So don’t Shield your eyes, don’t pretend to be nothing. The truth is that you are everything. Shine Your Light Up and Shine it out.