Each Of Us Are Being Called

There are times when we avoid what we know to be true. When that inner voice speaks and we ignore it thinking it is nothing. Inevitably you have the realization that if you had listened, something would have changed for the better.  Sometimes facing the truth is painful. In other cases it may require you to change a behavior, thought, or attitude. Sometimes pretending to be nothing and helpless seems easier than embracing the vast awareness that you are everything. But if you listen and open up your eyes and your heart you will begin to hear this calling. And from what hinders you, you begin to rise.

September 28th 2017

“Calling out, we are calling out your name. Can you hear it? Listen closely my love. It is of great importance that you listen to your soul. Wake up to the real you. Your inner strength can be infused in those you meet. With this unified strength they can grow roots and reach the sky. They are in fear and tossing throughout, ungrounded and longing to grow down and reach up. Share this, give all that you have to grounding others by showing them their strength.”