Oneness and Inner Awakening

I feel as though we are asked to seek within not because we cannot find the same delight and Oneness outside of ourselves. Rather we are asked to bring the focus inward so that we can expand our minds and awareness. In doing this we are able to realize that there is not a separation between ourselves and the world but rather a unity.

September 28th 2017

“Serenity is what lies within, it is not something you have to seek outside of yourself. There is breath, blood and bones this is life.  But all of this is magic inside and out. Connect with this through inner stillness, your inner magic. Feel it flowing and moving to the music of my soul. This is a continuous flow of energy merging and infusing all that it touches. It is this force that creates the senses, smell, touch, taste, sight and sound. Glorious it is that it can be experienced within. Do not be fearful, do not seek shelter from what is to come. It is a merging, a new delicate dance of my energies ebbing and flowing while continuously knowing the source of it all. Know truly my love that you are the one and the one is the many we are together in every way that I can say. “