Wake Up and Embrace The Light

Recently I was gifted a beautiful and seemingly urgent message regarding a “shift” that has already begun. It appears that it is occurring at every level of our being but since everything is made of energy I think it is predominantly an energetic change. The awakening of Mankind.  In this awakening we all choose what we want to create. One option is to focus inward seeking our true nature that is full of oneness, creativity, kindness and a deep sense of eternal love and meaning.  In doing this our energy begins creating beauty, love and healing that we experience all around because we are in harmony with our truth.   Or the second option we allow our minds to sweep us up in worry, fear, negativity, disconnect and destructive thoughts that end up creating our own customized state of suffering.

Message from September 20th 2017

“Become satisfied knowing that all is well and as it should be.  There is nothing to fear as all is in the hands of the almighty.  There will be those that out of fear run amongst you ranting and crying out, but fear them not for they are merely lost amongst this shift and the confusion in their own minds.  It is as if the masks all come off and what was hidden will be revealed much will be learned and many will be lost.  But lost only to the eyes in the base most physical form, for much more will be gained in spirit and energy. Keep your heart pure and free of the baggage that is all around.  Look to the heavens for love and find within yourself the key to transformation, for it is in theses times that our humanity is finally at its waking point it’s glorious and gradual unfolding. Find peace in this knowing and shine peace to all you know.”